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    2024 – Term 3 - Pre-Academy Registrations Now Open

    We are pleased to announce that our premier development programme that caters for 9th – 12th Grade Boys and Girls will run in Term 3.

    Our programme is proving to be very popular and so for Term 3, current NUSC members (i.e. those registered and playing for a NUSC football team in 2024), will be given priority to register first.

    Spaces for this highly sought after programme are limited and it is essential that those who are committed and dedicated to our club receive the first option to participate.  Should additional spaces become available we will promptly reach out to notify other interested individuals.

    We appreciate that this may disappoint some current Pre-Academy participants but given the limited spaces available we believe that our approach provides a fair and open approach for all prospective participants.

    Additional Session Option for 11th & 12th Grade

    For our 11th & 12th Grade Pre-Academy programme, we have added in a second session should participants wish to add another training day into their week.

    This second session will be held on Wednesday’s from 5pm – 6:15pm, and numbers will be capped at 24.

    The cost for both days will be $240.00.

    There is no obligation to attend both sessions, as we do understand many of our players have other sporting commitments.  We just know that some of you are super keen to be involved in more football and we want to create this opportunity for you.

    How to Register:

    If you are currently registered and playing for a NUSC football team, please register using the link Registration - Club Members

    There are three options you can select from:

    • 9th & 10th Grade Pre-Academy
    • 11th & 12th Grade Pre-Academy Monday Session Only
    • 11th & 12th Grade Pre-Academy Both Sessions Only

    If you are playing for another club or your school, but are interested in joining our Pre-Academy programme then please register your Expression Of Interest select link EOI - Non Club Members , and if spaces become available we will reach out to you to register before the programme begins.

    What is involved in the Pre-Academy?

    The Pre-Academy programme is primarily a development programme that caters for the 9th grade and up (both girls and boys) with a focus on taking the players technical and tactical ability to the next level. For 9th grade to 12th Grade, it involves one extra training per week (in addition to the training run by the Saturday club team coach).

    The primary focus is on improving the player’s technical ability particularly and the sessions will be game related and will cover various technical and positional components (more so for the older age groups) of football. 

    The sessions will be age appropriate and we will provide a positive environment that ensures that all players are engaged, have lots of time on the ball and be challenged to better themselves and ultimately, we want players to express themselves and love playing the beautiful game.  

    Our Coaching Team for Pre-Academy

    Che Bunce, our Director of Football, will continue to oversee all coaching of the Pre-academy, but he will also utilise other coaching resources. Our coaches are crucial to the success, and we will have quality, experienced coaches delivering our coaching programmes.  

    We are proud and lucky to have some of New Zealand’s top coaches at NUSC who not only put their name to our programme but are also part of the delivery of ALL the sessions.  Our coaching team includes:

    • Mike Groom - former All White and technical specialist, Mike is one of the best youth development coaches in the country, with his "Samba style" coaching philosophy, he has inspired many young players who have gone on to be All Whites and professionals. 

    • Roger Wilkinson – National league Coach, Former NZ age group Coach and Football guru. Roger is founder of Premier Skills Football and has done everything in the game in NZ, USA and New Zealand and also nurtured many future All Whites and professionals. 

    • Scott Granville - Scott is born and bred in the Waikato and has coached here in NZ and in the USA. Scott, a US university scholar, also ran successful youth coaching programmes in New York City.  

    What is new in the 2024 Pre-Academy?

    For 2024, there will be the opportunity for high performing participants to be selected to be a part of tournament teams that will compete in Metro and/or Federation top age group competitions.   

    Term 3 Schedule

    The Pre-Academy programme for both age groups will start on Monday 5th August 2024, based at Korikori Park, at these times:

    • 9th & 10th Grade Boys & Girls – 4pm – 5pm (Cost $125.00)
    • 11th & 12th Grade Boys & Girls – 5:15pm – 6:30pm (Monday session only - $140.00, Both Monday and Wednesday $240.00)

    If you have any questions please email Karin, Youth Coordinator, at