NUSC- Child Safe Policy


NUSC want children and young people who participate in football to have a safe and happy experience. We support and respect our children, young people, coaches, managers, parents and supporters.Our policy guides our volunteers on how to behave with children and young persons in our club. The policy focuses on how we promote children’s participation in our club and how we make it safer for them.NUSC supports the active participation of children and young persons in our club. We listen to their views, respect what they say, and involve them in making decisions especially about matters that will directly affect them.

Players, Coaches, Managers, Parents and Supporters• We promote respect, fairness, and consideration for all players, coaches, managers, parents and supporters.• All persons involved with the club will have access to a copy of NUFC’s “Child-Safe Child-Friendly Policy” and to the Dealing with Complaints process.

Recruitment• Our club will maintain a consistent recruitment, screening and selection process for players, coaches and managers.

Dealing with Complaints• We understand that occasionally matters arise in football that give rise to concern and complaint.• The first point of contact for any complaint is the coach and/or manager of your team.• The next point of contact (or the first point if it is not appropriate to involve the coach and/or manager) is your NUFC grade representative.• Your grade rep will then deal with the complaint in conjunction with HRFC’s President, or other senior committee member.• If necessary, the complaint will be referred to Waibop who oversee football administration in the Waikato.

Communication• We hold regular information sessions for players, coaches and managers. Club information is regularly distributed to coaches and NUSC President and grade representatives for the benefit of players and their parents and supporters.• NUSC’s policy will be discussed at club registration days and induction days for coaches and managers.• Players, coaches, managers and parents and supporters will have access to our policy on our club website and coach's kit bag.

Review• The policy and guidelines will be reviewed every two years. During and at the conclusion of each season, suggestions and feedback from players, coaches, managers , parents and supporters will be invited and where appropriate acted upon.