Junior Football

Junior Registrations are now closed for 2024!

Our junior registrations have now closed, however, there may be some spots still available, so please contact the following:

Boys Registrations - jnrboysftbl.nusc@gmail.com

Girls Registrations - jnrgirls@nusc.org.nz 

Junior Football

Welcome to Northern United's Junior Football program, where the love for the game begins and dreams take flight! As the largest club in Hamilton, we're committed to providing an exceptional football experience with top-notch facilities for our young talents.

Our Junior Football program is designed to kick off your journey in football from the age of 5 until you turn 12. Once you hit the teenage years, the adventure continues as you transition into the Youth league and later the Senior League. Throughout your Junior Football odyssey, you'll progress through different age groups, unlocking new opportunities and challenges as you grow.

Whether you aspire to play in a social environment or crave the thrill of semi-competitive play, we've got you covered. Options expand as you age, allowing you to tailor your football experience to your preferences and goals.

To assist you at every step, we've compiled a range of resources on this page, offering valuable insights and guidance.

Resources to Guide You:

  • Junior Handbook: Your go-to guide
  • FAQs: All your questions answered
  • Team Formulation: How we create winning teams
  • Team Muster: When excitement peaks with team announcements

Check & Adjust Session:

The next crucial step in your journey is the Check and Adjust sessions. These sessions are designed to understand you as a player and help place you in the right tier. Our goal is to ensure that you have a season filled with enjoyment and growth.

Our Check & Adjust Sessions will be held at Korikori Park, as per the details below:




9th Grade (players born 2015)

Sunday 3rd March – 10am

Wednesday 6th March – 4.30pm

10th Grade (players born 2014) 

Sunday 3rd March – 11am

Wednesday 6th March – 5.30pm

11th & 12th Grade (players born 2012 & 2013)

Sunday 3rd March – 12pm

Wednesday 6th March – 6.30pm

Get ready to lace up your boots, embrace the passion for the game, and embark on a journey that goes beyond the field. Northern United Junior Football is more than just a program; it's a platform for growth, friendship, and the joy of playing the beautiful game. Let's kick off this exciting adventure together!